Must Baptism Precede Membership?

Due to recent experiences in counseling with baptismal candidates, I found this article by Jonathan Leeman to be helpful and insightful.  Does it really matter whether or not a person is baptized before or after church membership?  Check it out and feel free to discuss.

Must Baptism Precede Membership? Of course!

Soli Deo Gloria,
Jeremy Vanatta


2 thoughts on “Must Baptism Precede Membership?

  1. Hey Jeremy…I agree. I’ve had this discussion with some people recently who are not in agreement on this point. It was honestly something I had never thought thru until my conversation with those who saw it different. Blessings…

    • Thanks for your comment Mark. Like you, it has just seemed common sense to me (not to mention biblical sense) that baptism is the “front door” of church membership, but some folks seem to get the cart before the horse on this one.
      Grace & Peace,

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