Far Above Rubies

Were I on my death bed today, what would I say to my wife of 13 years?  That may seem a bit morbid but it is a great question, especially as we fast approach another Mother’s Day celebration.  Now the list could get quite lengthy, but considering that death upon one’s deathbed is unpredictable at best, we will keep it to 5.  Well, it is off the top of my hand, but here goes.  I would say, Sarah Vanatta:

1) You are loved more than my words or actions have ever demonstrated.
2) Forgive me for not pointing you to Christ more than I have.
3) Thank you for believing in me even when you probably should have not.
4) Thank you for pouring your life into me and into our children.
5) Thank you for being my best friend.

Or, I could simply answer the question with a question and say to Sarah, “An excellent wife, who can find?  For her worth is far above rubies” (Pro. 31:10).

My answer to this would be, “I found her in you!”

Yours Only,


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